1. Seriph

    West Texas

    Just trying to figure out how many of us are from West Texas. It is a bunch of niche communities but I am hoping I am not the only one out here in the desert.
  2. ThatOneGayBoi

    Bowling Green, KY

    So.. I’m starting college soon. I was hoping maybe there were other littles or daddies within the area? I know this is a long shot but I thought I’d try :)
  3. WeakEndPartyPerson

    Lifestyle Wardrobe

    I know there'll be different levels of how commited this part of the community are to ...themselves? What I mean is I'm Male and identify as such but I have two dresses: one inherited and one bought. It being the only outfit you can wear - besides a kilt - to give a nappy more air exposure...
  4. Xzanza

    AB/DL Curiosity

    Greetings, my name is Emily. I have come here seeking clarification, support and perhaps, even some advice. I am unsure how this whole thing started for me, but I have been very confused and torn about it. Since I was very young, I have had a deep desire to wear diapers; especially now, in my...
  5. T

    Found a diaper that I would be interested in

    Heya guys :D I found a diaper that I WOULD be interested in ordering... but I am not sure how good they are. Any of you guys know if these are something I should shoot for or if anything else on the website is better?
  6. tobdy1986

    The word "diaper" I am a gay male who is going into my second year of marriage and my husband is very aware of my fetish. He does not wish to partake, due to a previous relationship with an ABDL that did not go so well, but that is ok with me. He is supportive, but does not want any part of it. I have...
  7. PetiteAbeille


    Hey, I'm a Canadian, born and raised. Currently I work in healthcare. I love aspects of my job, but I'm also back in school full-time to pursue an alternate career path. Between this and hobbies I'm busy; however, I don't do well with boredom, so it's probably for the best :) I have been...
  8. J

    How much has your diaper taken?

    Just curious to know how many wettings (or messings) your diaper has taken. I noticed the other day that my Tena slip ups could only take 2/3 wettings... in contrast my molicare has taken a lot lot more... So how many?
  9. Mei

    Worried, Anxious or Plain Scared?

    I don't know if this is the right forum to post this in but...I've just come back onto ADISC to have a look around the site on a whim, after talking to a friend who is into the AB/DL lifestyle. I was active on here a little while ago and even started a role play that I had intended to be long...
  10. J

    I thought I was the only one o_0

    I've been curious of how it feels to wear a diaper for a few months now. Each new month, I am getting more and more anxious. I wanna wear them 24/7, but I'm afraid I might be put in a mental institution or something. I wish I knew what it's like. Lately for the past few night (more like 3...
  11. Wheatley

    What makes a sissy/LG?

    Out of curiosity.
  12. C


    Hi there! I am a new member ofc =] I am 16 years old and have recently discovered my love for the idea of wearing diapers (...or Nappys as I am proudly British ^^) I remembered the thoughts I had of it as a child and realised I still quite liked the idea <3 ...I am finding it hard to open up...
  13. Kyatto


    Just wondering if any other users have any tattoos. I have 2, One of a wolf on my right shoulder, and a Cross on my right leg ( If you wanna see em, check my dA page )
  14. E

    Uncertain DL

    Hi, I am new here and looking for answers to a variety of questions. I figured searching the site would be the best way to learn, but maybe posting and getting perspectives on particulars would be more expedient. (Plus, there are a lot of things I am not looking for...) I think I like diapers...
  15. E

    A Real Intro & LOTS of Questions

    OK, so after asking about why my posts wouldn't show up on the new posts tab... I was informed that I should probably just use the introductions forum to introduce myself. (How novel! =P) I'll try to keep it short. I'm 21 and attending university for music composition. I've lived in 4 states...