1. Throwawaw11


    i ordered some fleece cuddlz mittens on the 13 of August and they still have not came yet does anyone else have/had a similar experience if so when did you order a item and when did you get it?
  2. BusterBunny

    My thoughts of the Cuddlz Yellow Toy Pyjamas.

    I recently bought a pair of Cuddlz pyjamas, and boy was their service good. I ordered the pyjamas late Thursday night and they got here TODAY, that is amazing shipping considering that these are custom sized PJ's! The fit is really nice, just loose enough to be comfortable but not so loose that...
  3. SimCo

    Waddler thoughts

    A few weeks ago I bought a Cuddlz Waddler Onezie and a Nuk 6 baby bottle. I promptly forgot about them until they arrived in the mail today and I tried them out. I have to admit I am a little disappointed by the waddler. While it is a little hot (fleece but very soft) I find the waddler to be...
  4. W

    Which is the better diaper? (Diaper comparison)

    I've tried the abena M4 i love them, I have just tried the confi dry 24/7's and They are almost better then M4's (i like i poofy and thick the dry 24/7s are) In the future I would like to try an AB/DL diaper soon, bambinos definatly look like they could be in ny near future and so are the Cuddlz...
  5. H

    Cuddlz cloth diaper

    I'm thinking about getting the cuddlz cloth diaper however it says i need to hand wash it cool and hang it to dry. Does it really matter if i do a cold machine wash and hang it to dry? If not am what are the steps to hand washing one of these? Thanks for any advice in advance :D
  6. D

    An awkward delivery experience

    So I ordered 4 bags (1 case) of Cuddlz from the UK to be delivered to my door around week ago. This morning I got a call from the delivery guy, he said that the package has been damaged somewhat. He asked that would I like him to bring it to a post office for repackaging and delivered by...
  7. D

    Which Cuddlz is better? All-over printed or front panel printed??

    I decided to finally order some cuddlz. But a question that I have asked a few times here remains unanswered. Which one is better? 1. Are they both equally thick? And how thick compared to other diapers? 2. Quality of the tapes? (I know one has 2 and the other has 4) 3. Absorbtion? 5. Fit? 6...
  8. Trathfelder105

    does anyone have info on Cuddlz Nappys

    i was thinking about getting an 8 pack to try them has any one tried them please give me pros and cons thanx:smile1: Here is the link
  9. D

    pictures of the new Cuddlz all-over print?

    Hi! I was thinking about purchasing the new all-over printed cuddlz. I hear they have now 2 tapes on each side instead of 1, so can anyone hear post to this thread some pictures of those who have them, including the tapes? Thanks!
  10. D

    ABU, Cuddlz or Fabine?

    Which of these is your favourite? Abus, cuddlz or fabines? And why? I have only tried abu sdk so far, they look nice and the plastic feels just like 90's pampers. Only the price is a bit too high to get them regularly and the tapes could be even wider, since it feels like that if you tape them...
  11. C

    Cuddlz size

    Hey I am a bit "confused" about the Cuddlz-diaper size. The medium diaper has a size range from 76 to 96 cm, pretty narrow for a medium diaper, and the large size has a range from 86 to 142 cm, which is a huge range. Can anyone tell me, how large is the Cuddlz medium compared to Abena M4 and...
  12. downtide

    Question about Cuddlz

    I seem to remember that the Cuddlz brand is sold on another website, or they have a "sister" company that markets to IC people rather than *B/DL. Can anyone remember what this website is called?
  13. kratox

    Cuddlz onesie Size

    I finally got my onesie from cuddlz and I am a little disappointed because I ordered a size small but its to big on me. Do you think I should sell it on ebay ,sew it to fit me, or try and shrink it in the wash? I really don't want to send this back because it took like 3 weeks to get here...
  14. J

    Praise to the Cuddlz Teddy

    I was just getting ready for bed, well sitting on my bed, in my all in one watching tv, anyways, I put on one of my new Cuddlz Teddys, but when I stood up it was a little loose, so I re-taped. Then I climbed into my all in one but stll felt loose, so again I re - taped. So to sum up, I...
  15. MrE

    Cuddlz printed diapers uncovered

    I know there have been a few reviews of these diapers but I'd just like to add my opinion to the mix. These diapers are in no way or form a premium brand. In fact from what I can see from the design they are probably using the brand 'Tender Form' or something similar and sticking some baby...
  16. deano13


    Hi all i have seen this on the forum before but i thought i would post my own review of the cuddlz. The first time i tried cuddlz plain was way back last year after an alternative to the bambinos as they are supposed to be the same or very simmilar. i got 2 sample packs one medium and one...
  17. Anonimousdl

    ordered my first diaper

    I just ordered my first diaper it comes in discreet packaging so my parents wont think anything of it if they ask what it is ,i'll say it just something i ordered or won any way theyre not around when the post comes , i hope it comes on a week day
  18. Badger

    Cuddlz vs. Bambinos

    It has long been speculated that the Cuddlz diapers that have recently become available in the UK are simply re-branded Bambino Biancos, since, at first glance, they look pretty similar. However, to the best of my knowledge, no one has ever held both a Bambino and a Cuddlz in their hands at the...
  19. eeyore

    Cuddlz vs ABU Super Dry Kids - Review/Comparison

    Hi all, I just uploaded a review of Cuddlz and ABU SDK, complete with pictures. There are no crotch shots, and I'd like to think I gave them both a fairly acceptable review. It's hosted on my blog - Growing Up Too Soon: Cuddlz and ABU Super Dry Kids - Review/Comparison EDIT - here is the blog...
  20. L

    Cuddlz vs Cosyndry Onesies FIGHT!

    YES YES YES junglest massive, init bruv, up in your manor chatting up your bird, nah wat I mean. Ahem. A review is in order on this fine boring evening me thinks. I've been meaning to write this for a while now, ever since I did the sleeper reviews in fact. Onesies :D The most babyish style of...