1. ESPF

    WHITE Liger cubs 😻
  2. L

    Babyfur Species

    What are your guys' species? I don't have a cub sona yet, but I am really interested in what you guys are!
  3. L

    Seattle area diaper Cub

    Hi all, I moved to the Seattle area earlier this year. I am down in Renton. I am 26, have been into the diaper scene for a really long time, and am AB/DL as well as furry. I just started getting into my cub side and am looking forward to making new cub friends in the area. Let me know if you...
  4. ScaredyCat

    Casual game project

    Hi. As I mentioned before, I'm gonna make a casual game for Android and iOS (probably). The project is called "My Adorable Cub" (MAC) and the basic idea is that you give care to interactive talking pet, you can talk to him, ask simple questions, and do other things. At the moment you can only...
  5. P

    Postulant or is it challenge ?

    Query, maybe but challenge fits better in this case. A Challenge; Is there a symbol to represent us Cubs/BabyFurs? Lacking an positive answer; What would be a good symbol that represents us as Furry and cubs?
  6. A

    Hi from Northern Ireland ^^

    Im a diaper fur I have always loved diapers for as long as I can remember I'm shy but I wana meet other ab/dls chat and make friends =3
  7. TaviMunk

    Lil Tavi Arts

    Hey, just wanted to share some more padded cubby art. I saw thread I made b4, but seems it's been closed ^^; So I couldn't reply and answer questions. Sowwy ^^; Tyke Munk and I chatting while sitting on a log. He and I seem to chat a lot. ^^ I love summer fields. Especially when going out...
  8. TaviMunk

    Sharing a Pic

    HI all, thought I'd share a pic wif ya all dat I made ^^ it on FA, DA, and IB tooz, but wanna share it wif my friendz here ^^ It be Nexxi, Me, and Ozzie goin to try out Nexxi's sailboat after playin in da park ^^