1. Uzuki

    Pampers Size 7 Swaddlers Vs Cruisers

    I'll first start off by saying I'm a huge fan of Pampers Swaddlers Size 7. They are by far my favourite diaper. I've tried both Cruisers and Swaddlers Size 7 and quite honestly the only difference I can decipher is the absorbancy. The Cruisers seem to be unable to absorb quickly which causes...
  2. LennyFace

    [US] What should I get @ Walmart?

    I know, I know I really should be buying somewhere else, but for me Walmart is only a 6 minute bike ride from where I live! Which makes my life much easier for getting supplies :D. Anyways, right now I'm considering 3 Diapers to get. (Also first time getting diapers! yay!) What I'm Considering...
  3. M

    Pampers Crusiers Ultra: The return of an old name?

    So anyway, while browsing the web for diapers (baby; I don't care for adult diapers), I came across Walgreens' website. Being a Rewards member, I wanted to see what deals I could get on diapers and found I could save $2 on a pack of Pampers. Going through their selection of Pampers, I came...
  4. S

    Pampers Size 7- Test Return?

    Over the past few year I have had the opportunity to try Pampers Swaddlers Size 6 (very absorbent and size is okay) Pampers Baby Dry Size 6 (Overall decent) and other off brand diapers that were too much like Huggies in the fact that they make terrible stretchy sides, put most of the stretch in...
  5. Littleleogirl

    Pampers cruisers size 6 vs 7?

    I tried pampers cruisers size 6 and they barely taped up. I am wondering whether or not it's worth ordering the size 7's or if they're fairly close in size. I'm 5'3 120 pounds 26 inch waist, any other recommendations are welcome :)
  6. D

    Diaper Buying in Japan

    I have a long list of questions but im a DL stuck in Japan. I need diaper advice BAD. -Do they have 3 way fit pampers cruisers size 7? if so could someone link me to the japanese packaging? -Are there any good youth/adult diaper brands? ones with tapes not pull ups? if so what does the...
  7. S

    quick question about pampers cruisers.

    when you put on a cruiser and do the tabs,can you take the tabs off and go pee in the toilet,and then redo the tabs?or will they not stay anymore?i have to know within 5-6 hours.any answers will be appreciated.thank you.