1. T

    Older Sissies can redefine Housewife.

    While many older sissies are using current fashions and new generation clothing as their sissy expression, there are those who are bringing back the previous generation look... the look of the 1950's housewife. A good example would be the Househusband turned Housewife here...
  2. Floofywoof

    Spring Camping Trip

    Note im not a professional writer nor am i a grammer master but i had this idea for a story and thought id put it out here. _________ Chapter one. Hi my name is Johnny, but everyone calls me John. I would like to tell you my story about my spring break. Well you see I am ten years old and small...
  3. KittyninjaW

    Figured out a few things.

    Hello Everyone, first off I want to apologize for my behavior in the past. I didn’t mean to do what I did, to be honest the reason I have been a jerk is mostly because I haven’t had little time in a while because it involves crossdressing and I am a christian and didn't want to go to hell, due...
  4. B

    Confused sissy needs help

    I started watching straight porn pretty young and always have been very interested in my sexual appetites. It started around 2 years ago when I began exploring other things online rather than straight porn. This lead me to discover I liked bisexual porn, which then over time evolved into...
  5. S

    saying hi!

    hi, my name is steven, but i prefer stephy. im a 26y old submissive sissybaby. im looking for some people to chat with, share some stories etc etc. i'm from belgium, if there are people here who live near me, pls dont hesitate to contact me... you'll never know what happens kisses stephy
  6. SBLeslie

    Do you use a wig or natural hair?

    I'm wondering, who here uses wigs and who grows their hair out? I grew mine out. Took me a few years, but now it's a few inches past my shoulders. I've been called ma'am while not even dressed up before!
  7. marybeth

    Hugs and a Hello.

    I tend to "overwrite" and I think I did that with my first introduction - hence the changes. First I am an adult baby/diaper lover/sissy with a pointer that slides right to left all the time. I am also a cross dresser which began at age seven while the diapers began at age nine. I immediately...
  8. I

    Help on how ta explain ta my parents that im inta crossdressing?

    I went ta the mall and bought 2 pairs a girl's shirts last week and my parents yelled at me for getting a girl's shirt. Saying "You DO know this is a girl's shirt, right?! It's specifically cut for girls! You're NOT SUPPOSED to wear girl's clothes!!!! DONT EVER get girl's clothes again!" :"{ Any...
  9. I

    Where do you buy your clothes?

    I dont have a crazy amount of money, nor do I have a way ta get alot of money let alone fast & I'm super thin. I'm having trouble finding places that have cute clothes. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any input would really help me out bunches :)
  10. Vanessa

    Heylo newbie here XD

    Hello everyone, Otay My name is derek im 18 and am an adult baby and likes to crossdress. XD simple enough I hope. Also right now im wearing a boys pullup 4t-5t fits fine to waist is a lil below 34 im guessing. So hi everyone. Expecting to meet some online friends in for the same thing...
  11. Rawrzipan

    Girls to guys pants size conversion

    So, I am now terribly gender confused and was wondering; what is the approximate conversion of girls skirt sizes to waist circumference? Also, what should I do about it? Do I tell anyone? Do I hide it, and, if so, how? Do I show it publicly?
  12. Girlypullups

    * Waves hello shyly*

    Hello everyone, I really never know how to word things right on these things so I am just going to put everything out there, as a way of coming clean (kinda) I am a 22 year old male, who has a burning desire to wear girls clothing and diapers. Right now as I sit here and type this, I am wearing...
  13. Rakai

    Gender Roles?

    Well It's come up many times in convo's lately at least in ones I've been in. So I wanna know what are your view on gender roles?? To elaborate gender roles are the roles that a certain gender are supposed to follow in life, the male supports a family and blahdy blah and such. Do you think...