1. softbrattypuppy

    First time crinklz purchase

    Hewwo guy's I'm puppy, 21 and I have a question 🥺💕 Since I finally moved out of my parents home I can buy for the first time real diapers and not just pull-ups buh I want to do it the right way since it would make me sad if I order them too big or too small >.< I 'm 1,63m tall and weight 50kg...
  2. Deux-changes-13.jpg


    Before the diaper change (with grand Lapinou): moisturizing cream, protective cream, baby powder, my favorite pacifier, cleaning wipes and a fresh Crinklz Aquanaut.
  3. U

    What is the best/proper way to put on a tab style diaper?

    So this is my first time buying diapers and the first time on this site. I bought a 15 pack of crinklz aquanaut Size L and I am having trouble getting them to be snug. I have to have pants on to support them because they sag badly and I dont want them falling off. If I was to go out in public...
  4. Slomo

    Found old Abenas

    So I was cleaning out my wifes old 2011 suv and re-found and old compartment along side where her spare tire rests. In it there were 3 of my old Abena L4 diapers. We had bought her car new, and they have been sitting there ever since. These are the plastic diapers from about 8-9 years ago, from...
  5. NorthShoreAdam

    NorthShore CYBER Sale: 15% Off ALL CRINKLZ Prints + Dotty Pony, Thru Dec 7th, 2018

    To order, see
  6. NorthShoreAdam

    Flash Sale Extended thru Labor Day, 10% off Crinklz & Dotty @ NorthShore!

    Valid now through Monday September 3, 2018! (No exceptions - Valid until midnight Central US time) 10% Off All Crinklz patterns/sizes and Pink Dotty Pony Diapers!! Coupon Code is REQUIRED: CRD83 Phone orders eligible as well.
  7. NorthShoreAdam

    Flash Sale * Today Only * 10% Off All Crinklz & Dotty Diapers

    Today, August 31, 2018 Only!!! (No exceptions - Valid until midnight Central US time) 10% Off All Crinklz patterns/sizes and Pink Dotty Pony Diapers!! Coupon Code is REQUIRED: CRD83 Phone orders eligible as well.
  8. NorthShoreAdam

    New - Build Your Own Case of Crinklz for 5% Savings!

    Build Your Own Case of Crinklz for 5% Savings at NorthShore! Order 4 or more bags total of any combination of Crinklz size or patterns for 5% Off Automatic savings in cart.
  9. NorthShoreAdam

    New Crinklz Patterns In-Stock! 15% Intro Sale on New Patterns thru 5/9/18

    New Special Edition Crinklz Astronaut and Aquanaut Patterns exclusively at NorthShore for Pre-Launch! See pictures of patterns at: 15% off New patterns thru May 9th coupon pricing on website at...
  10. NorthShoreAdam

    Crinklz & BetterDry Sale at NorthShore! 2 Weeks Only

    We've just been resupplied finally with more Crinklz and BetterDry briefs and we're celebrating by offering 5% off on for two weeks only...thru April 20, 2018. COUPON CODE: CBD5 Shop for Crinklz at...
  11. NorthShoreAdam

    Crinklz and BetterDry In-Stock at NorthShore with Free Shipping through 12/31/17

    We now have both Crinklz and BetterDry in-stock at NorthShore! Order at least one bag of either brand to any order through Dec 31. 2017 and receive free standard shipping on your whole order. Coupon code FS17 required. No PO Boxes, Contiguous US Only. Crinklz and BetterDry are both made by the...
  12. itsacurlyone

    Australia's Supplier of ABDL diapers

    Littles Down Under have just been appointed as Australia's official supplier of Bambino diapers and these are due to land in Australia any day now We are also the supplier of Rearz, Crinklz, BetterDry, Fabine and lots more. Australia's only physical store and...
  13. itsacurlyone

    Tykables - coming back to Australia

    It is with great excitement that I am able to inform our readers - more especially in Australia that Tykables are coming back to Australia. have formed a business relationship with Tykables and new stock is on way. Littles Down Under should receive the stock...
  14. Argent

    Crinklz Questions

    Hi peeps, So got myself a pack of Crinklz medium size, amazingly babyish (and I suppose furry) packaging. The piece count is 15 and stated origin in the EU, I haven't opened them yet but the depiction of the nappy on the front doesn't appear to have a taping panel. I did see a review on...
  15. tomviper000

    Comficare vs. Crinklz

    I still have some of the old Comficare M10, and love them. As they are no longer made and the Crinklz is apparently the same thing with a different skin so to speak, has anybody tried both and know how they differ? Is the Crinklz as good?
  16. itsacurlyone

    Littles-downunder - Australia - Fabine, Crinklz and Rearz

    Just for information, for those that have been awaiting the arrival of Fabine diapers back to Australia, the long awaited Black nappy has now arrived, together with the Fabine Teddy diaper. The Teddy design is the original design that they started with several years ago. Both of these have a...
  17. itsacurlyone

    Rearz and Inspire+, Crinklz and BetterDry in Australia

    Hi everyone, As the owner of I am pleased to be able to inform everyone here in Australia that Rearz Safari and the White Inspire+ are now selling from These will be followed by Crinklz and BetterDry (old Comficare) brands in mid February...
  18. itsacurlyone


    For those in Australia who are after new nappies or a supplier, I run both and also We are about to receive our supply of Rearz Safari nappies in all sizes. These are available to (pre) order now, and currently (for a limited time only) you can...
  19. bambinod

    Crinklz review by Bambinod

    Crinklz review by Bambinod 5/19/2015 I got out to the post office on the way home to pick up some packages, and yay, one big box from Rearz, it's time to see some Crinklz! The artwork we've seen is the same for medium and large, there's different art on all four sides of the bag, and even...