1. puddlefeet

    Adult Baby Room Showcase!

    Let's see those cribs, playpins, and whatever you have or dream about! Would love to have one myself someday! <3
  2. Mas16210


    Looking for any advise on shopping for a crib. We are going to make the leap and purchase one which will be my bed going forward but looking for any advice or thoughts on getting one. So far we like the one shown as the standard model with the fin finish. Any other shops we should look at as...
  3. Babica

    Merging two twin Babica PlayCribs to make a playpen
  4. P

    Has anyone made a crib out of this?

    North States Superyard 3-in-1 Metal Gate I have a full size bed. I think teddycon has used these?
  5. L

    A new nursery

    I'm looking to build my own nursery and would love for you guys to share ideas and pics of your nursery. I live in the uk and furniture is very limited if i could get a few links for furniture highchairs, cribs, play pens, etc i would be a very happy baby. Thanks:smile1::smile1:
  6. L

    building a nursey

    Hi guys. I'm a new member and looking to build a new nursery for myself and a few friends. I live in the UK and I'm looking for ideas or anywhere I can buy furniture, highchair, cot bed, changing bed etc. Would it be cheaper to buy or try and build myself. Any pics or advice from you guys would...
  7. S


    My name is Jason, I am from Saint Petersburg Florida. I am and adult toddler and looking for new friends and experiences.
  8. Babica

    Babica PlayCribs - An Adult Baby Crib that stores under your bed!

    Hey Folks, Just a reminder, I am still building Adult Baby cribs that dismantle and store under the bed through my site. Twin models start at $450.00(USD).
  9. R

    I want a crib

    Sup everybaby, I'm finally in a sort of stable living situation w/ parents, and what baby doesn't have a crib?? :P I am a pretty small 5' 5 1/2" to 5' 6", 155 lb (trying to lose even more weight) man, could I possibly squeeze into a baby crib (if the bottom was reinforced somehow)? I have very...
  10. Babica

    Ok, here it is, a crib for everybody:

    Hi All, I have been working on a portable crib design for a few years now, and I finally have one that I think you all may like. I put my site up tonight, but it can't take orders yet, I just want to get your feedback. I talked about this on another post a little while ago and a few people...
  11. kennyrallen

    The last time you were in a crib as a kid.

    Do you remember the last time you wer in a crib as a kid> Mine would be twice when I was 6 The one time at home, I was sick and for some reason mine and my brothers room was tore up If I remember right my parents were putting up new paneling. But I was sick so my mom had lay down in my sister...