1. Harper

    Crib alternative

    Ok I have been looking at cribs for a long time. I then started looking at specials needs beds and came across this. The cost is about the same for a high quality wood crib. I do like that it can be completely closed in what a mesh top. The...
  2. Nordicbabyboy

    Been diapered and in a crib longer then as a child

    Last year i past the treshold, that now i’ve been sleeping diapered in my crib for longer then as i did when i was a baby/toddler. And then i was sleeping diapered in the crib for a bit longer then usual, anyone else that has hit that treshold and what do you think about it.
  3. Babica

    Just Finished Building a PlayCrib, and you can't tell it's Adult-Sized from the pics!

    Adult Sized, no really!
  4. P

    Has anyone made a crib out of this?

    North States Superyard 3-in-1 Metal Gate I have a full size bed. I think teddycon has used these?
  5. L

    A new nursery

    I'm looking to build my own nursery and would love for you guys to share ideas and pics of your nursery. I live in the uk and furniture is very limited if i could get a few links for furniture highchairs, cribs, play pens, etc i would be a very happy baby. Thanks:smile1::smile1:
  6. dprbaby

    PVC Crib

    Hello everyone! I'm hoping I could get some input and ideas for as the title implies a PVC crib. I wanna build an easy to disassemble crib that could just go around my existing queen size bed. My first thought was just putting baby gates around my bed but I don't think that will work well. I...
  7. fox2000

    What got you into diapers?

    For me it was being forced to wear diapers up until the age of 13. I wanted an alarm that would sound when I wet, but my mother didn't think it would be fair to my brother (we shared a room) so for his well being I had to wear diapers to bed. Of course I went through puberty while having them...
  8. Shyanne

    Crib plans/designs?

    Does anyone have any like blueprints/designs/plans on how to build a adult sized crib/bed? Or if not, maybe post pics of your cribs if you have any..
  9. R

    I want a crib

    Sup everybaby, I'm finally in a sort of stable living situation w/ parents, and what baby doesn't have a crib?? :P I am a pretty small 5' 5 1/2" to 5' 6", 155 lb (trying to lose even more weight) man, could I possibly squeeze into a baby crib (if the bottom was reinforced somehow)? I have very...
  10. Babica

    Ok, here it is, a crib for everybody:

    Hi All, I have been working on a portable crib design for a few years now, and I finally have one that I think you all may like. I put my site up tonight, but it can't take orders yet, I just want to get your feedback. I talked about this on another post a little while ago and a few people...
  11. C

    Adult-Sized Crib -- For Real

    My first post on this forum! I found my way here when I was searching for those big special needs beds that can comfortably accomodate an adult. I've since done quite a bit of research and thought I'd share some of my findings. I've read a bunch of other threads, here, and on other forums...