1. NabePup

    Illustrator CS6 vs Inkscape

    I know that this topic has been discussed to death everywhere by everyone, but I respect and care more about people's opinions on this forum and haven't seen a post about it here yet so I figured I'd ask. I use Adobe Illustrator CS6 and absolutely love it (mostly), and honestly really have no...
  2. Greeniebell

    Excited to be new for once

    Hehe, hello. I found this site while exploring the internet, and realized it was perfect for me. In general, I'm a bit of an akward person in large groups of people. I'm very outspoken, and I really enjoy creative things. My mother died recently, and since then I've been being homeschooled as a...
  3. Wolf3188

    Creative ideas for old Toshiba laptop?

    So, I thought this might be a fun thread. Earlier this year I picked up an old Toshiba Satellite laptop from the late 90's for $20. I was planning to use it as a music machine, but I have since acquired something more suitable, and after that I had no idea what to do with it. So I thought...
  4. SleepingBlueWolf

    Practicing Furry Art

    Hey everyone! :biggrin: I'm in the mood for practicing drawing again today. I still haven't drawn my own character because I feel that i'd rather draw him when I have more experience and ideas on how he should look. So anyway, if you have a character that hasn't been drawn yet (or even if they...