1. Maia

    Brain dump

    Hello gentlepeople, I thought I’d write down a couple of things that I figured out over time trying to manage the flooding waterworks. Most is related to plastic pants and cloth diapers. I’ve always been fully urinary incontinent because of a congenital issue, and have never found anything...
  2. LittleMaxx

    Creating your own Fursona

    When I was new to the furry fandom I noticed that creating your own fursona was kinda hard. Having all the power to create your fursona to look however you please. Though it's relatively hard to get started, so I created a guide that may help you to creating your very own, fursona...
  3. Angellothefox

    They made mario maker what other maker will they make

    They already made Mario maker. So what other makers do you think they will make next?