1. SimCo

    Powder vs. Lotion - What's the Difference

    When I first started wearing as an adult, I lavished myself with baby powder because the smell and process of getting powdered put me in a babyish place. Now I just use a diaper rash cream and no powder, but I am not sure if this is optimal. Can any of the experience diaper wearers explain in...
  2. MilesTheFox88

    Any particular cream for prolonged messy wearing?

    Hello. I don't post here often. I have a friend visiting from out-of-state in a few months, and he's a very submissive person who's interested in ageplay. We began discussing the various ways we could play. He got the most excited (almost jumped through the screen I think) when I told him...
  3. D

    Baby powder or cream?

    Hello, could someone tell me if I should use baby powder or some sort of cream during diaper changes. Or both perhaps? Thanks for advice:smile1:.
  4. EmilyL

    How many of us here keep ourselves shaved from the neck down?

    Curious to see how many people on here keep themselves shaved from the neck down. This doesn't need to include the armpits, but technically it's in the same area. For the ones that do, what razer/cream do you use and what tips can you offer to maintaine this state? Also would you recommend any...
  5. xtrabulk

    Cream recepie (sic)

    Yeah, I can't spell... So I'm looking for instruction on how to make diaper rash cream. Not from scratch per se...but rather products I can get cheaply to make a vat of cream. I like to overdo it a bit, and these things tend to be pricy. I like a nice, thick, "slimy" cream. Any concoctions out...