1. Meowstic

    Really Funny/Wierd/Crazy Dream I Had

    Sorry if this is sloppy, I just woke up and minutes afterwords trying to remember details. Mods, if you think this should be moved, please do so. :thumbsup: I had this dream last night. It's wierd how long it seemed to last, and how I can actually remember the big events. So anyways, it starts...
  2. P

    Hiya! Im new!

    I thought I already posted an intro. But I guess not. Anywho. Im Cassie, im a TB/DL. I have yet to actually get diapers:sweatdrop: Im really crazy and I like acting like a little girl! I believe I am 2 years old at heart <333 talk to me! C:
  3. KnuxieFawks

    I've become a lurker? Creeeeepy.

    Okay, well I actually spend a lot of time on the adisc IRC channel and don't really hang around the forums much. I'm a babyfur from Illinois. I believe everyone could use a hug, so come get your free hug. (See? Sooo not creepy...wait. He wants to do what to me?) Okay, I respect people's...
  4. starshine

    OMG Crazy Man.

    So my laptop kinda broke. It was only 4 months old, turned it on the one night (bout a week ago now, actually, exactly a week!) and there was a BIOS password. After researching we found out it was either a security bug with that model... or some dumb f*ck I know put the password on. So...