1. Jeepy

    How do I fix an iPod that keep crashing out of apps?

    I have this iPod it's the very first one with the camera (forgive me for not knowing witch gen it is) ill be surfing the web or playing around in an app and then boom it closes out on me. I've tried resetting it and that didn't help. Is there a way to fix it or is my iPod ready for the gadget...
  2. h3g3l

    Computer crashing messages and their philosophical implications

    [General-purpose] Computers crash sometimes. How they deal with relaying this to the user is the interesting bit, and the subject of this thread. Thinking over my years of computer use, there are a few stand-out examples: Apple Classic's BOM (Sad-Mac) messages - these pretty much spelled...
  3. Emileigh

    Anyone with secondlife have this problem?

    It has been crashing when I log in all day, and I don't have a clue how to make it stop, anyone else been having this problem with it lately? UPDATE: I tried my other account...and it worked fine on secondlife... what is with that? I've seen other new accounts have that problem too