1. MatalicPebble

    Modifying pacifiers and making shields

    I started off with wood carving a shield and recently got my budget fixed. I was ecstatic to have money to spend for this month. So I bought myself two packages of mams to try something. I originally got this idea from a couple Youtube videos. I want to eventually make usable shields out of...
  2. M

    Being crafty

    Hey everyone, Today I'm here to bring up a subject in the "Off-Topic" section, & this subject is weird & unnecessary I apologize. Okay so does anyone like to get crafty? Anybody like to sew & make stuffed animals/dolls? Or sew to make clothes? Or use different tools & techniques to make...
  3. G

    A quick questionnaire/survey on the topic of craft.

    Hello community, For my university studies I have been given a summer project on the subject of 'value' and it's different meanings. This survey relates to craft objects and art, and I would really appreciate it if you could take 2-3 minutes from your browsing to complete this. This will be an...
  4. ScoobyDooKiddo

    Help with Crafty Ideas making a Xmas present for a girlfriend

    Dear ADISC I need your help!!! Trying to do something outside the normal. I'm trying to create, build, craft a present to my girlfriend for chirstmas. I understand the whole buying craze that everyone is into dont get me wrong. Honestly I would like to give something to her that came from the...