1. TigerDL

    ABU sample gift code: per diaper or per pack?

    Back when ABU sold samples as individual diapers, their gift code that came with samples was for every 2 diapers you bought. Now that they've changed to selling sample packs with 2 diapers each, they still kept the phrasing of "Get a $5 Gift Code For Every 2 Sample Diapers of any brand In your...
  2. DLMunky

    Bambino or XP Coupon Codes??

    I am going to be making a rather large purchase from either Bambino or XPmedical very soon. I was wondering if anyone knows of (or do they ever have) any coupon codes for either vender?? Being able to save even 10% on my purchase would be awesome and I could buy more. Thanks for any help!
  3. loadedpamperman

    Diaper coupons/samples/sales?

    I am continually trying out new diapers, and these days it seems there are more out there than anyone could possibly use in a normal amount of time. Being that I am planning on switching from the brand I've been using for the past 3+ years and afraid of getting burned by inferior products I was...