1. kashi

    Northshore Deal

    Hello! Two things, 1) Northshore is currently having a 50% off sale code is XCLUSV 2) Should I take advantage of it? I haven't posted on here in awhile, but I'm conflicted. I've still got a pack and a half or so of ABU lavenders+Space and I've been rationing them out. My main conflict is...
  2. R

    unauthorized ad

    Hello all! Ruka here to let you know that I am now a brand ambassador for Rearz Inc. I am super excited to be a small part of this community, and to be able to bring you all some discounts! When checking out, use the code '[deleted]' to save 5% off your entire order. This code applies to...
  3. DLMunky

    Bambino or XP Coupon Codes??

    I am going to be making a rather large purchase from either Bambino or XPmedical very soon. I was wondering if anyone knows of (or do they ever have) any coupon codes for either vender?? Being able to save even 10% on my purchase would be awesome and I could buy more. Thanks for any help!