coupon code

  1. SpAzpieSweeTot coupon code?

    I'm finally, finally, finally, finally, finally getting a paci! Did I mention finally? Happy biwfday to me! It's v pink 1, wif v faiwy pwincess on it! Does anyone have a coupon code for My gift card barely covers the paci and the clip adapter ring. That's no problem, but I am...
  2. DLMunky

    Bambino or XP Coupon Codes??

    I am going to be making a rather large purchase from either Bambino or XPmedical very soon. I was wondering if anyone knows of (or do they ever have) any coupon codes for either vender?? Being able to save even 10% on my purchase would be awesome and I could buy more. Thanks for any help!
  3. itsacurlyone

    Free Wellness Brief Samples for ADISC (in Australia)

    Great news - (ABDL aware) Physio Supplies Australia have a Coupon code for Wellness Brief Samples for Australian customers only.:thumbsup: In the Sample you will receive 2 of your chosen size. - Click the link in Blue Unique Wellness Brief, NASA, Pad, Adult Diaper, Disposable, Sample 1 pad...