1. plasticsounds

    Wearing disposables is the environmental choice...?

    I came upon this interesting article about cotton diapers vs. disposable. It's worth reading if you have guilt about wearing...
  2. D

    AB Sleeper Material; fleece or cotton?

    Hi I'm thinking about buying a sleeper from and they do them in both Cotton and Fleece. Does anybody have any preferences? I live in Scotland so temp is never really cold or really hot. Thanks!
  3. xtrabulk

    Baby Pants Onesie Trick

    Hi there! I received my XL onesie from Baby Pants this last weekend. I had done some research, and from what I could tell, you're supposed to order your size and allow for shrinkage. Well, I'm super lazy, and went by my XP Medical bodysuit size, that being XL. Well, like many have mentioned...
  4. redtails

    The chemistry behind diapers

    My interests strongly go towards chemistry, and I feel obliged to explain how diapers are capable of capturing urine. For those who are interested enough, I'll include all that I know about the actual chemistry instead of what the packages say. I'll divide this article in two obvious parts...