1. Tuples

    Bad experience with Cosy and Dry?

    Anyways I just bought a romper from cosyndry and I quite disappointed with the quality of the product. For 80$ CAD I would have expected the workmanship to be far higher. After only one week of use one of the snaps has already broken. Furthermore, the inside of the romper is not soft cloth, as...
  2. L

    Cuddlz vs Cosyndry Onesies FIGHT!

    YES YES YES junglest massive, init bruv, up in your manor chatting up your bird, nah wat I mean. Ahem. A review is in order on this fine boring evening me thinks. I've been meaning to write this for a while now, ever since I did the sleeper reviews in fact. Onesies :D The most babyish style of...