1. defectivelyhappy

    Halloween Costumes for 2014???

    What are you planning on dressing up as this Halloween? Maybe you can spark some ideas for myself?
  2. crinklecoon

    Halloween Costumes

    What are some good costumes that will hide a M4? And not a baby costume.
  3. L


    i know it's about 4 months away from halloween but i was just thought i'd maybe share some experiences with previous halloweens. for instance, one year, my friend and i went trick or treating in my neighborhood, i was dressed up as a soldier and my friend went as a zombie, it was pretty funny...
  4. P

    Baby Boy for Halloween costume?

    Myself & friends have yearly Halloween parties, and there's always a theme to the costumes. This year we're going with most risky costume. I decided to possibly go with being a baby, but once I got everything and tried it on I'm wondering if it gives off the 'risky' look or just a WTH look. XD...
  5. Sitherus

    new york furries

    Recently I visited newyork city on vacation and walked through the streets of Manhatan. I realized something, there are alot of furries their or just lots of people in big friendly furry suits. I was wondering something, I dont consider myself a furry as of yet but I was wondering If the people...
  6. Cosmos

    Fursuit preferences

    I apologize if this was already a poll! I searched and didn't see anything related to this. Anyway, I'm curious to everyone's input. What costume style do you prefer to wear? This does not mean that you have to have that costume! I would prefer a full fursuit, however I do not have the money...