1. Kintobor

    It is that time again...

    It is that time again when i have to restock my diaper supply. I order in bulk 7 packs containing 176 diapers in total, should last nearly 2 months, i do it in order to lower the cost even if carrying them to the 3rd floor without elevator is a hassle >_< I save 30,94€ in bulk discount, also...
  2. Pissingtiger

    Pricing of ABDL DIAPERS

    Why is it that the prices on abdl diapers or so high... I would love to wear full-time. I am incontinent and many of the abdl diapers are just better long term use diapers but they are so pricy... Though I have found that North shore 12hours are great long term and overnight use diapers at...
  3. OKDB

    Long Term Financial implications of Diaper Usage

    Hey everyone, so I just finished my last final of the semester and I felt a bit like writing. All of the numbers are reflected off the U.S. dollar at current buying power rates. The numbers are not adjusted for future inflation, enjoy! So today I just wanted to talk a bit about the...
  4. Premetheus

    Quick question

    I have $73, I'm most likely going to save half or part of it, but if I was to put it into diapers, which site should I use that delievers them most discreetly?