1. CandyPanda

    Meatloaf Heart!

    For V-Day I'm making my boyfriend dinner. We're having meatloaf shaped like a heart covered in ketchup with a border of mashed potatoes. Trying to figure out how to work green beans into the picture but probably will just have it on the side for when we cut into my beautiful meatloaf heart...
  2. C

    What did you have for dinner?

    In the irc I have noticed that people quite often leave the chat for a while to go and make or eat dinner, and I find it really interesting to hear what everyone's having for dinner. It's interesting to hear what people from so many different countries and of so many ages/situations etc cook for...
  3. whitefox

    So, Funny Story

    This just happened around an hour ago, and was pretty random, so I thought I'd tell somebody. Anyways, we had gotten a wok from a game that we play every Christmas, and had never used it for an entire year-and-a-half, so I thought that since I had some experience with stir-fry, I'd cook...