1. BluMew

    Post CapCon 2017 feed dump

    I wanted to share this with all of you all. I just attended CapCon 2017 last week and relaying my experience to a friend I met at TeddyCon 2016 last year who unfortunately could not attend this year as tickets sold out before they bought one. The message will read a bit awkward or odd here on...
  2. CatsBrat

    AB/DL/Babyfur Conventions/Munches in Washington?

    Hewwos everybody! ^w^ I'm new to the community but stumbled across this site looking for AB cons in my state. I'm pretty shy about my baby side but my mommy wants to learn about how my babyfur side works and kinda jump into my little world so a convention seems like a good way to go. I've seen...
  3. GryphonGuy

    Padded at conventions?

    After reading the article, "Convention 101 for Babyfurs", I'm just curious as to how many Diaperfurs or Babyfurs here wear diapers at conventions, whether it be wearing under clothes or under fursuits. I'm not really a Babyfur, I'm more like a Diaperfur. I have been really interested in the...