1. NewAdultBaby4

    Conventions, Weekenders, Meetings, Etc.

    I am kind of new here and I would love to attend a Convention, Long Weekend, Workshop, Get Together, Etc. to interact in person to learn more about ABDL, product makers and providers to the ABDL community, Etc. Can someone direct me to some of these, or where to find them online? Thank you...
  2. tommytemper

    The Convention

    Chapter 1 - An Introduction. Samuel laid the last few items in his suitcase rearranging a few items to make them fit. Tomorrow he would be off to the Midwest Age Players Convention, he had never attended it before or anything like it. It was a convention for adults that liked to pretend that...
  3. Legolas


    Hey everyone! I'm poking my head back in once again for my Yearly Post (TM) :laugh: Who all is going to be at AC 2018? Furthermore, does anyone know of any meetups, parties, or get-togethers for us babs? I'm bringing a friend with me and I want to make sure their first convention is one to...
  4. Angellothefox

    Are you coming to Confuzzled this year?

    Are you coming to confuzzled this year 2018! I just want to know whether you lil babyfurs and bigger diaperfurs will be there?
  5. Y

    TeddyCon 2016

    Hi! I was just curious if anyone was going? Here is the link: It is October 13-16th in Allentown, PA. You have to check it out!!
  6. Jossilyn

    Just how bad do conventions get?

    Hey you guys, I'm working on a toddler Egyptian fruit bat fur suit and I wanted to know If any of you guys have experience going to a Convention in full babyfur garb? I know babyfurs/littlefurs have a bad rep in the community but would I be in danger of being all alone in a corner because...
  7. AgentRoswald


    So is anyone here going to TimeGate - the Doctor Who/Stargate/Sci-Fi convention in Atlanta this weekend? I love both and had no idea there was a convention specifically for them!
  8. T

    My First Anime Convention - in London

    Hello, everybody! I meant to get this posted earlier, but I kept getting sidetracked with other things. Anyway, here goes: I went to an anime convention in London last Saturday; it was the first one that I have ever been to. To put it mildly, I was astounded when I got there; there were people...
  9. Siddy

    Furry Conventions

    I never been to a Furry convention before and i know Anthrocon is coming up in July. So my question is are they really fun to go to? Right now i'm trying to work out the prices (plane hotel maybe car rental) and....... well lets just say it kinda pricey for me. I don't want to spend all...