1. S

    tomorrow will start 24/7

    So it looks like I'm going to be in the 24/7 club sooner than I anticipated. Yes I'm a DL but I'm also IC. I decided to go no diaper for a while this evening only to have leaked quite a bit on the couch. I immediately cleaned it up. But being a brand new 24/7er what do I get to look...
  2. BayB8

    Controlling Bladder Muscles and Wetting diapers

    I was doing some research because I am rather new to all this. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to wear diapers and never really understood it until now. Now I am beginning to wear them more often and I was doing some research on incontinence while in diapers. I read a post from a while ago that...
  3. Y

    Techniques for hiding odor, please contribute!

    This is my first post as a long time lurker, so Hello everyone! I wanted to start a thread here on diaper talk so that we could perhaps all help each other in ways to hide residual odors. My case is that I have graduated high school recently and now want to start using diapers in my room. I mean...
  4. Rawrzipan

    How do I Control and Remember My Dreams?

    I can hardly ever remember my dreams, the ones I do are almost always premonitions. I was wondering if there was a way I could get my self to dream and then eventually control those dreams?
  5. KandiKit

    I think im Losing Control..

    Okay so here is the situation, i've been wearing diapers for close to 9 years by choice and in the last year, year and a half i've started to notice a reduced ability to "Hold on" and make it to a bathroom, mostly when i have to pee. Im kinda worried because i think that i might be conditioning...