1. NorthShoreAdam

    Guess the New Supreme Lite Colors & Win a Free Bag from Pre-Stash*

    Happy to announce our designs are now finalized for the new color options of the NorthShore Supreme Lite Briefs! We're on track to have these available for sale in about 90 days...i.e. before the end of 2018 if all goes well. There will be 3 new colors produced initially, and in sizes Medium...
  2. SeanPalladino

    Snug as a Bug Embarrassing Contest

    Snug as a Bug, a footed sleeper company that caters to the whole family, is having an embarrassing contest to find the most silliest family in America. They are asking for videos showing a whole family wearing footy pajamas out in public doing funny things. And the prize for the winner? $1000...
  3. Rene

    Adisc Remix Competition

    Ok so me and Mickal were in irc and came up with an idea for a new contest!!! It will be the Adisc Remix Competition!!!!!! so basically i will provide the acapella of a certain song, and the participants of this contest will have to remix the song so it can be used in a club type environment...