console gaming

  1. yoshiDL

    Nintendo Switch

    I thought I would go ahead and create a Nintendo Switch thread for anyone who is interested in the Switch. The reveal event is tonight so we will finally get to see the switch in action and find out pricing and what games are coming to it. Personally I am really looking forward to a new mario...
  2. S

    favorite console of all time

    I've seen a few 'favorite games' threads, and noticed there was none about the consoles we use to play the games. I figured what the hell, might aswell have a thread for the consoles. If you want to list your top 10 or whatever feel free. i'll even start. 1)Sega dreamcast 2)Xbox 360 3)N64...
  3. Toddy

    PS3 Blueray player blues

    So lately ive been bored with my 360, so I was thinking about getting a PS3 to widen my horizons of gaming the only problem is the is so 360 is what 200$ right now and a PS3 can range anywhere from 299-399 which is crazy the only reason why it is so high priced is...