1. BayB8

    AB mentioned in the Incredibles??

    I was watching the incredibles and a scene go me thinking. Towards the beginning when the kids are fighting at the table and they are arguing about being normal, Vi says, "The only one here that's normal is Jack Jack and he is still in diapers" Dash responds under his breath "Lucky". His...
  2. KittyninjaW

    Thinking of getting a DA Account for my abdl art/stories....

    Hey Everyone, It's me again. Long Story Short, I know I said i didn't have a Devent Art account, Well I do, but I don't have any ABDL/Furry art/stories on it, and I haven't really used it for a while, Anyway I like to keep that part of my life seprete from my main life as much as possible...
  3. BayB8

    Thumb sucking in and out of diapers

    I have two deep dark secrets. One you all already know, I'm abdl, but my second, little less of a secret than abdl is I still suck my thumb. My girlfriend is okay with it sorta, but she still often asks me why I suck my thumb. When I told her about my abdl, she asked if that is why I still suck...
  4. tom

    Using a wireless internet service

    Hi. I'm going away soon for a holiday, and hope to use the hotels wireless internet connection to keep checking on here. Will the hotel/other users of the connection be able to find out that I have been on this site? Thanks