1. D

    ConfiDry 24/7 from Europe?

    Couldn't help but notice that confidry has disappeared from save express selection. Does anyone know an online store in europe that sell these?
  2. N

    Great price on a case of Dry24/7

    Hey everyone - I just noticed that Amazon dropped the price on cases of Medium Dry24/7's to $100. That's the best price I've ever seen, and $15+ less than other sellers. Unfortunately, it looks like you need to be a Prime member to purchase. If you use Subscribe and Save, you can save an...
  3. DLMunky

    The New ConfiDry 24/7

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried the new revised (again) version of the Dry 24/7 and what your comments or thoughts are? Do the new green tapes stick better than the old blue ones? If the plastic is thinner is it still strong? Is the padding noticeably thinner? Any info will be greatly...
  4. PaddedSuperboy

    ConfiDry Issues

    I have ordered two cases of 18 from XP Medical, and both have had defects. I am wondering if others have been having issues? The first case had rips in the plastic, tears in the actual SAP, and the wings were extremely thin. The replacement case has no rips and the wings are normal sized, but...