1. C

    Bought my first pack in 12 years

    I used to wear diapers because I like how they feel on me, and I really like wetting them. When I started dating the woman who became my wife I was mortified that she would find out so I got rid of my diapers and put that behind me. As the yeas passed I thought about diapers occasionally and how...
  2. Y

    I'm the girlfriend of a DL

    I posted my confession almost 2 weeks ago now (copied and pasted right at the bottom if you missed it. My girlfriend really wanted to share her side of things which I only just read 5 minutes ago myself. She wanted me to post it straight away so here you go: I'm the girlfriend.... So, you've...
  3. Y

    Confessed to my GF last night!

    150% True! I have wanted to tell my girlfriend about my interest in diapers for a few months now. We have had the most amazing highs and some of the most stressful lows that anyone could imagine and we have got through them, each time coming out the other end stronger and more committed and in...
  4. LazyDreamer

    Finished Loved As We Are

    Hey everyone! This is my first story! It's a non-sexual story about a guy whose girlfriend finds his ABDL stash. This isn't a diaper story as much as a coming out story. Let me know how you liked it! ~~~~ The knock on my front door jumpstarts my heart. When I open the door, Rachel pops through...
  5. PetPuppyAlex

    A girl to keep.. what do you think?

    So, you know I'm not one to make this up, but there's this girl and she's wonderful. I dated her for the good part of the beginning of summer and the duration of spring and she's perfect. I told her about this side of me and she doesn't mind it. Even says she'd be willing to try it. And I just...