1. Y

    I'm the girlfriend of a DL

    I posted my confession almost 2 weeks ago now (copied and pasted right at the bottom if you missed it. My girlfriend really wanted to share her side of things which I only just read 5 minutes ago myself. She wanted me to post it straight away so here you go: I'm the girlfriend.... So, you've...
  2. Y

    Confessed to my GF last night!

    150% True! I have wanted to tell my girlfriend about my interest in diapers for a few months now. We have had the most amazing highs and some of the most stressful lows that anyone could imagine and we have got through them, each time coming out the other end stronger and more committed and in...
  3. V

    talking to friends/family about being a babyfur/abdl

    So I was just wondering if anyfur has talked to friends and or family about being ab/dl or just wearing diapers in general, I talked to my mom about it last night and it went well, in fact she's going to buy me store brand until I can afford better quality
  4. tbjay

    rare post from a lover of peanutbutter and jelly (Confessed to a considerable number of people this year)

    Hey there, I have't been much of a poster but I think this is something that should be posted?.... Before this year, there was perhaps 2 people that knew I was a DL/AB) and those were years ago. It never made much difference I don't know where those people are in the world now. Fast forward, a...