1. Legolas


    Hey everyone! I'm poking my head back in once again for my Yearly Post (TM) :laugh: Who all is going to be at AC 2018? Furthermore, does anyone know of any meetups, parties, or get-togethers for us babs? I'm bringing a friend with me and I want to make sure their first convention is one to...
  2. Fenrierlilfolf

    Babyfur parties? How are they like?

    So.. I know they exist, but I'm curious, how are they like? anyone here has attended one? are they good or are they creepy? funny stories and such would also be appreciated :3
  3. T

    Further Confusion

    Looks like the other Further Confusion thread got closed? I didn't pick out a reason why but I'm sure they have their reasons. I don't want to break any rules and I know asking to meet people is against them, but I would hope it's okay just to be curious who will be going to Further Confusion...
  4. D

    Fur Fright '10

    Anyone here attending this years furfright con? I will be there Sat & Sun. http:// furfright (dot) org