computer support

  1. JonQuixote

    OpenDNS - a free computer router defense tool from CISCO

    Just a quick note with a suggestion for an additional COMPUTER VIRUS PROTECTION that I got from a techie friend. His company has two virus protection methods - (1) Windows 10 - Windows Defender and (2) Open DNS. { ] Now you're going to ask what is OpenDNS? Well for one thing it's...
  2. N

    I'm a Newbie

    Hi I am a newbie here, My name is Lee (nova84601) I am 30 years old and I am incontinent, I wear diapers 24/7 and don't mind wearing them, I am mentally disabled, I suffer from Major Depression, P.T.S.D, a Learning disability and Mild mental retarded. I have a degree in computer repair, and...
  3. Charlie

    Help! (FireFox problem, maybe)

    Just wondering if one of you computer geniuses can offer any solutions to this. For some reason, my spell checker, as of recent, has stopped remembering words that I've 'Added to Dictionary'. Every time I use FireFox, it's like it resets. It will remember the new word throughout the session...
  4. baby_mike

    GC computers

    Well I finally got my computer shop going. I am running it out of my house but all is going well. I decided to make a Tech Support forum and wanted you to take a look at it. I know there are things I could add. What do you think? Garden City Computer Sales