1. Slomo

    Found old Abenas

    So I was cleaning out my wifes old 2011 suv and re-found and old compartment along side where her spare tire rests. In it there were 3 of my old Abena L4 diapers. We had bought her car new, and they have been sitting there ever since. These are the plastic diapers from about 8-9 years ago, from...
  2. MixerOp

    Northshore question

    I kinda like Northshore's products. I've been using the Supremes, and tried the air supreme, courtesy of their complementary trial pack. But I didn't think to take note of how the air supremes compare. Doing they hold as much? Does anyone know? Thanks for your input.
  3. xtrabulk

    Drycare v A+: Econ 101?

    So. I've finally got my case of Drycare, along with a case of XP Meds diapers. Now, I frequently, um...shart...and my previous favorite diaper, the XPs, well, they're cheap, but when I'd remove them to clean up, I'd pretty much waste a diaper. With the 27s, and their dual tape setup, I can...
  4. xtrabulk

    Has Anyone Tried This Math?

    Say, has anyone taken the cost of a quality disposable vs the cost of laundering a couple adult cloth diapers and a pair of pants? I'm not good with numbers, but I am guessing my cloth setup is about .90 a use, while my dispies are about 1.90 a use. Any input? Let's put the debate to rest!
  5. Lutero

    Web Browser Ultimate Comparison-athon thingy!

    Alright guys and gals; kitties and pups! I've long said I will do this; but I'm going to start a poll for Web browser preferences and in a few weeks I will begin writing a blog to make comparisions of the top four browsers. During the down time; I encourage you to discuss why you like such...
  6. bambinod

    how do Abena and Dry 24/7's compare?

    I've seen these two compared with a lot of other diapers, but never against each other, and I'm wondering is there any difference? Both are usually described as very high capacity, reasonably priced, mostly pulp with some SAP. Who has experience with both that can point out the differences? I...
  7. PeeDiapers

    Best Diapers

    I only have access to a few brands of diapers, and one is a protective underwear. Out of these brands, which ones are best? Huggies, Surecare (protective underwear), Depends, Luvs, and Huggies Cool Alert. By best I mean: *Big Bulge when wet *Holds most *Works well
  8. Darkfinn

    Daytime Diaper Review

    Daytime Diaper Review. Greetings all... I recently got in a bag of Abena (Abri) Supers... so I figure now is a good a time as any to do a review and comparison of some diapers that are ideal for daytime use. What I have are three "thinner" diapers (from L to R)... Abri-Super, Attends...