1. distracted33

    Tena Slip Ultima - Worth the extra money?

    Hey, I'm going to be restocking my supply soon and i was looking at getting some tena ultimas, the tena maxi is my usual go-to nappy for most occasions but i would like something a little more absorbent for nighttime use. so i was wondering how these compared to the maxi from an absorbancy...
  2. D

    Which Cuddlz is better? All-over printed or front panel printed??

    I decided to finally order some cuddlz. But a question that I have asked a few times here remains unanswered. Which one is better? 1. Are they both equally thick? And how thick compared to other diapers? 2. Quality of the tapes? (I know one has 2 and the other has 4) 3. Absorbtion? 5. Fit? 6...
  3. Jred

    Tapes vs. Pull-ups

    So I've been building my stash and I have noticed there is a surprising difference between diapers that tape and pull-up types... I like the pull ups, easier to put on and fit tighter (Note: I've only bought depends) What do you think?:detective3