1. WayneBrady

    Hi, I am a new member

    As you have read in the title I am a new member on this board. Generally I am a friendly highschool student and I am looking forward to get other people to know who likes diapers, too. Sorry if you noticed that my english is not the best. I try to write some easy sentences, so you can hopefully...
  2. Romans58

    Spotting an AB/DL

    I'm on a mission to use Holmesian deduction to find other DL's. As easy as it would be to try to find a local DL online (which actually isn't always that easy) I personally would prefer to meet/find another DL in person. I did an extremely simple and unprofessional survey (I went "facebook...
  3. P

    Breaking/Losing Things?

    Are there things that you tend to break/lose more than other things? For it's umbrellas, headphones, socks, those are what I can think of at the moment...For umbrellas, I tend to break them a lot...So don't trust me with your umbrella for an extended period of time (for a short while, it's...