1. Sitherus

    OMG Ellienoodlesoups account is gone!

    so i was searching Deviantart for Ellienoodlesoup so that i could ask her if she would give me some pointers on drawing diapers. (We've had talk before where she helped me out) But when i searched for her account it couldn't find anything. So i did what i normally do when i cant find someones...
  2. Mitsukuni

    Commissions for Art, all kinds!

    Hey everybody, I have a wonderful offer for you. My good friend Karen is trying to raise money for an animeCON coming up, and are taking commissions for drawings of your request. Rules: 1) Keep it PG13 at most. No sex. 2) Karen -will- draw *B/DL related drawings, and you can trust her to "keep...