1. S

    Have you seen this? Drop Your Pants for Depends "Underwareness Campaign"

    Depend Underwareness I didn't see a post on it already so I figured I should start the discussion. While it may not be completely related to ABDL life, I found Depends Underwareness campaign quite intriguing. From a marketing perspective, it's genius. From a DL perspective, I'm hoping it'll...
  2. PetPuppyAlex

    Why are diapers disappearing?

    I used to go to Stop and Shop often to get diapers. I've been doing this for years. All of a sudden, these past few months, I've noticed most adult diapers have disappeared off the shelves. Now all that's left are the 'Manly' Depends... I had a moment of suspicion, like, "They're onto us and...
  3. tiny

    ABs in advertising! (Aldi supermarket UK TV advert)

    I was just at a friends house watching TV and my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I saw this ad for the budget supermarket, Aldi: ALDI UK TV spot Just thought you might like to have a chuckle... I wonder if the producers actually know about ABs or whether it was just some "crazy...
  4. KRASN1

    2012 Hyundai commercial, that most you furs will appreciate

    My lil treat to you! LOTS of animals ^_^
  5. S

    Huggies Jeans Diapers

    I know that this has been posted before, but Huggies just released this new commercial that I just saw, and I thought it was awesome. YouTube - Huggies® Jeans Diapers Hit the Streets! "The coolest you'll ever look pooping your pants"
  6. wwetbed

    BIG KID AT SUNDOWN (new Pullups commercial on TV)

    check this out/ seen it sunday night when watching NBC the summer olympics closing ceremonies; one of the koolest diaper ads i ever seen! **click bottom right thingy 2 enlarge 2 a full-screen...