1. KittyninjaW

    PPG Reboot Accually Looks Good. Here is a link to a clip to it, Just Thought I'd show it. (At least it's not Teen Titans Go!)
  2. Piplup

    Does anyone else normally dress "toddlerish?"

    So yesterday in one of my classes, we got on the very unrelated topic of wardrobes and how some people in the class dress. First one of my good friends was brought up: she likes to dress very girly. You know, skirts, nice shirts, heels, etc. Then how I dress was mentioned, and it was pretty...
  3. BabyMitchy

    AB/DL Themed Music Ideas and Works (Help Me Out!)

    So, I am working on producing a lot of music.... I am also in the works of recording some shows as well. The purpose of this thread is to keep what I produce available in one thread alone.... PLUS.... A place for you guys to help me with IDEAS and comments/suggestions. (Please keep them polite...