1. Poofybutt

    Anyone Big on Comics

    Hey there, Was wondering if anyone else on the forum is big into reading comic books? Comic books are a staple of my entertainment when I am not in baby-mode. Some of my absolute favourites that I have read recently include the Image comics series' Headlopper, Royal City and Sex Criminals...
  2. P

    Any Interest In a "Geek Chic AB/Littles Boutique"?

    Alright kids, SURVEY TIME!!! But first, a little backstory: Mommy's a fairly accomplished seamstress with her own costume/cosplay store online that's done some pretty decent business. Now, she's made me the odd bit of AB clothing over the past few years, and has gotten quite good at it, to the...
  3. Argent

    Avengers X-Men A+X #9 dare/diaper consequence ***SPOILERS

    Hi peeps, So I was reading Marvels 2 story anthology A+X issue 9 today and the second story with Quentin Quire (QQ), Pixie, Eye-Boy and Dr Strange starts off with QQ in a bonnet from loosing a dare and progresses to a double or nothing situation of QQ having to also sport a diaper if he looses...
  4. V

    How do'you like them apples

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