1. jellyjigger

    Adult diaper comic in 90s nursing magazine

    I found this comic while browsing old magazines on I don't know if anyone remembers MaxiCare Briefs but you could find MaxiCare stock in the stores as recent as about 2005. The medium size were in bright pink plastic packages and large were in bright yellow. The plastic backing...
  2. Paddedkokiri

    Looking for an Abdl comic

    Years ago on diaperedanime, I found a comic that was based around a girl who's little sister pulled a prank on her. With and doing so exposed her diaper wearing secrets to her boyfriend. Only in the end did she learn that he liked diapers too, so they both became closer and intimate together...
  3. CrinkleKat

    Poll for Possible Diaperfur manga. Right Here.

    Hello all! Quick question: would any members out there be interested in seeing a Diaperfur manga in the future? It may be a possibility, if I can garner support... I hate to get everyone's hopes up, as nothing's been finalized at the moment. Even still, I'd love to hear your input on the matter...
  4. BeetleBawb

    The Ultimate Babyfur Webcomic

    Well. I suppose I'm here for a purpose. That purpose is to post my comic. Unfortunately it's not done yet. It'll be coming together in early February. But I do have plenty of promotional material that I've been posting lately. I've decided that I would post it here as well so that people could...
  5. Scribbles

    At a late hour, and from a tired writer.

    Hullo and g'day to all who cross this way. Friends call me 'Scribbles', and I have been incontinent since November 2010 because of an odd chain of events resulting from a bad motorbike accident. A friend of mine suggested diapers, and I found I rather enjoy them. Quite a bit, actually! Aside...
  6. S

    diaper comics

    anyone know of any good links/websites (besides FTT) that have good diaper comic strips? There were some good ones on FTT but half of them are really short or unfinished
  7. h3g3l

    Furry mention in comic strip

    There's a comic that I sometimes read called Two Lumps. It's about a pair of cats doing cat-things. Just over a week ago, the comic strip made a reference that I thought was funny. Thought I'd share it with folks who could appreciate it.