1. D

    Looking for short stories filled with love and...

    Hi there...are there any stories about a protective/loving daddy figure/boyfriend/husband (be it human or furry) taking care of a little or furry little? I'd love to read something like that. Something really comforting with lots of toys and love involved.
  2. SuperTed

    Plastic pants for disposables

    Does anyone know of any plastic pants which are designed for use with disposables? So far I only know of these: These I have several pairs and they are really fantastic. They have a wonderfully snug but comfortable fit. I...
  3. FievelandTonyAB93

    Received my diapers

    Got my Cushies diapers two hours ago and I can already tell how delighted and excited I am!!! The BabyFresh scent that was added in the diapers smelled really sweet and so babyish that this whole thing reminds me of my old baby days. I put on one of the diapers, but not before applying...
  4. kalynnharvey

    Wearing diaper in the shower

    Does it feel good to wear a diaper in the shower?
  5. kalynnharvey

    I only have 1 pair of pajamas in my house. Please advice

    Im not a sissy but I have a kind of girly babyish pair of pajama bottoms that my sister used to own. Should I wear them over my diaper at night or just wear the diaper? Im not too worried about anybody finding out. They are fleece and very comfortable.
  6. kalynnharvey

    Layering diapers? PLZ HELP!!

    I don't have the thickest diapers out there. I have a few walgreens certainty briefs and some first quality briefs. How many should i wear altogether to make me feel very comfortable? I don't wet. I like the bulky feeling. Whats the max recommended wearing at once?
  7. NahSon

    Funny Norwegian trend - The OnePiece jumpsuit

    Basically this has caught on like a virus in Norway. You'll see people wearing this pretty much everywhere, at home, in public and at school. it all started as a laughing matter, people thought it was a joke. It really caught on strong though... As they say on their site: "Tight jeans and...