1. tomviper000

    Comficare vs. Crinklz

    I still have some of the old Comficare M10, and love them. As they are no longer made and the Crinklz is apparently the same thing with a different skin so to speak, has anybody tried both and know how they differ? Is the Crinklz as good?
  2. TyphaHare

    Comficare replacement! (MyDiaper)

    Okay, so Comficare is no more, and Crinklz has turned into the new Betterdry version, too.. This is a bit of a pickle for me because I reeeeeally loved those diapers >_<! Comficare was my hands-down favourite! Also, Crinklz don't really even crinkle anymore :( Then my second fave, Tena Slip...
  3. D

    Just recieved my first pack of ComfiCare L10

    Very excited to try them out, lot of people are saying here that it's the new thickest and the best plastic backed disposable around. Abena L4 doesn't really work for me since I don't like the print at all, looks way too "common" adult diaper with random weird pattern running through it...