1. D

    Heading to Colorado!

    We are traveling in a couple weeks to Colorado! Pretty open schedule. Would love to meet new friends in the lifestyle! Feel free to tell me where you are a a little about yourself!
  2. B

    High from the mile high!

    Just new here and wanted to say hey from Colorado . Hit me up if you are in the area!
  3. A


    Hi! I'm new to joining adisc, but I have been on before, just not in a while. My name is Ashlee, and I'm a ABDL girl/little from Colorado. I'm also transgender mtf, and had surgery a few months ago. I've been into diapers since I was 6, but like a lot of people had denied it for the longest...
  4. T

    Re-Introduction! Moved back to Colorado!

    Hey all. I posted on here earlier this year when I moved from Colorado to California. Well, I didn't like it there so much (well, not for working, anyway) and I'm back in Colorado. Currently staying in Colorado Springs where my friends and family are, but will probably be moving up to Broomfield...
  5. FauxPas

    Hey I am new!

    Hey so since I'm new I read that I should introduce myself. My name is Matt. I live in Colorado. I am a DL and kinda into the furry, but am still looking into it. My hobbies include playing paintball, watching movies, playing my wii (CoD Reflex) Collecting Zoids Models and Bolt stuff and movie...
  6. pistachio62

    Where to buy Diapers?

    Hey you all, I like in Lakewood, Colorado and own a car, just wondering if any of you knew a good place to buy diapers in or near Denver or if anyone knew of any small pharmacy's near me... Thanks a ton, would love to hear really from anyone with suggestions... I'm looking for higher quality...
  7. pistachio62

    Diapers in Denver???

    Hi, I'm Brandon... I was wondering who here on lived near Lakewood/Denver Colorado... The only reason I'm asking was because I was wondering where I can buy some higher quality diapers(tena, Abri-form, and what not) without having to order them from the Internet... Thanks a ton for...