1. KittyninjaW

    I finally have a Collar Tag.

    Yes, I finally do, I bought it just yesterday, oddly enough it's a bone shape, and It has my name and phone number on it, but I guess, it's enough for now, I also got a necklace chain as a makeshift collar for now, anyway Its at home, right now, and I want to know what you think.
  2. SuperSecretFoxy

    Hi guys, I'm back. with news.

    Hey Guys, I've been gone for a long time now, thought I'd post a hello together with some other news. School started not so long ago(actually two months, but hey), and from the start I was busy. I started a course where you get to learn how to make video games, coding and art alike. In short...
  3. Kyatto

    I'm thinking of getting a collar

    As the title says, i'm thinking about getting a collar. I could get one from a local pet store, but are there any good sites or stores that can make collars i can personalise? That will ship to the UK?
  4. sparkywuff


    i bought my collar form petsmart and it has a blue tag on it that says sparky(my nickname, because i am obsessed with pikachu) and i have a black one with chains on it, and i can attache a chain to both of them so i let my friends walk me, they don't know it is my festish :sweatdrop: and it fits...