1. R

    New to this site, been wearing for a while

    Hey everyone! I have been wearing for a while now, off and on, but it's getting more consistent. I have had fantasies of being babied/diapered for as long as I can remember. Like a lot of people, I'm looking for a community. I want to be able to share experiences with someone because I do not...
  2. M

    'Functional' incontinence

    I've just been out for a walk, came back, and was unable to get the door key turned in the door rapidly enough - and wet myself. This is the first time this has happened, but I've been noticing recently that when I'm taking a shower, the sound of the water running causes me to lose control...
  3. colt

    Coffee drinkers UNITE!!!!

    So, for all you coffee drinkers out there, i have a question, and then a servay for you...but first my question. I live where i am on well water, its hard, but still tastes great by itself. however, i have a 5 cup mr. coffee maker, which i have tried a few ways to make my coffee taste better...
  4. Talula

    What's your morning routine?

    Well, it's as simple as that? Do you eat breakfast? What time do you wake up at? Do you shower/bathe or do you leave that for the evening? How long do you spend on each task? Can you not move until you've got a dose of caffeine into you? My routine is pretty simple, I can get ready most...