1. ronnieM

    First Day of School Outfit

    Tomorrow morning I start my first day of school (in college), so I laid all of the clothes I plan to wear out on the floor like I did the night before my first first day of school (Kindergarten). I still remember my first day from the moment I woke up. Was excited and got my red, white, and...
  2. WeakEndPartyPerson

    Lifestyle Wardrobe

    I know there'll be different levels of how commited this part of the community are to ...themselves? What I mean is I'm Male and identify as such but I have two dresses: one inherited and one bought. It being the only outfit you can wear - besides a kilt - to give a nappy more air exposure...
  3. psychonautalis

    Favorite Place to Buy Little Clothes?

    Hey There My Little and Big Friends, I'm just curious about your favorite online places to buy little/AB clothes ? Looking to buy some overalls and maybe somethings that might pass in the right public situations. Share with meeeeee I love you 💖 psychonautalis
  4. L

    HELP, ughhh

    Firstly, hi all, my first time on ADISC. I have driven myself up the wall about this, does anyone know where to buy an adult baby sleeping bag?? DXXXX
  5. Tuples

    Privatina Status

    It's been a long time since I've been on here :graduate:, nice to be back. Anyways, I was trying to order from privatina and placed and order but I haven't gotten any response back since ordering and I couldn't place a payment. On top of that their domain's DNS routing tables seem to be not...
  6. BrattyPrincessSophie

    More Untapped Markets

    I've come across more untapped markets in the AB/DL and little world. Take a look at some of these cute beauties:
  7. B

    Toddler outfits UK

    Hi There I am looking to find some more toddler syle clothing. And I was wondering what people could suggest? I particulary like cuffed pyjamas, I have found plenty of bottoms but am struiggling to find a long sleeve tops with cuffs. Something like this would be cool...
  8. L

    ABDL Clothing... Men's size or for Sissy's only.

    So i'm an ABDL Girl. Five foot eight and wear women's medium to large... Hips have been a curse all my life. If I could weigh less than a hundred pounds again I would . When i'm on the auction sites or searching for clothing in my size, they always make the stuff I want to fit men. I would love...
  9. C

    Looking at new clothing

    I wouldn't say I'm a sissy/LG by any means. However, lately I've been looking at baby girl-ish clothing and finding myself to be more or less won over by just how cute some of it is. I'm not really into silky things, or very brightly colored items. Something like this: Is pretty much what I...
  10. SweetSugarDragon

    Thrift store Mini-Haul

    I can't believe I am making a haul post, but I had to share this with you. I was at the Salvation Army on a thrift store run when I saw the cutest things: When I saw this I just HAD to have it. This Jumper and sweater combo is one of the many Noah's ark pieces from Christopher & Banks. I got...
  11. BouncyBasi

    UK version of Snaps4U? (or other little clothes maker)

    Im from the UK so sadly ordering from Snaps4U would cost a fortune because of postage I was wondering if anyone knew of a simmilar company in the UK (Or Europe), that can do custom and/or premade little clothes such as onesies and shortalls I just can't fork out that sort of money for...
  12. MatalicPebble

    Deciding on clothing to cover it up

    I would like to go 24/7 in diapers but I don't want people to know that I have them or have one on. Today I took the plunge in having one on and walked to a gas station and then to the dollar store. I don't drive yet due to being scared of driving since I was 16. I was so nervous but no one...
  13. KaloAllen

    Clothing sizes

    It seems that clothes are getting bigger, or I'm getting smaller. I was shopping yesterday and found that it was harder to find men's small clothes, but yet when I look at children's clothes they are getting bigger. I am having to do most of my clothes shopping in the boy's department depending...
  14. xtrabulk

    Baby Pants Onesie Trick

    Hi there! I received my XL onesie from Baby Pants this last weekend. I had done some research, and from what I could tell, you're supposed to order your size and allow for shrinkage. Well, I'm super lazy, and went by my XP Medical bodysuit size, that being XL. Well, like many have mentioned...
  15. leffykit

    clothing sizes

    This is an issue im sure we all face at some point, it can be a real headache trying to find clothes that fit, especially if you're genetically male, so what do you all do in regards to getting the fit right or finding that perfect skirt or top in your size? Personally Im a bit stuck at the...
  16. B

    Childish Clothing

    I'm not talking babyish clothing but slightly older cartoon like styles of clothing seem to be available in fairly large sizes. At last something for those in the UK to get happy about too... I have recently found out BHS do kids clothing up to 16 years (fairly accommodating in size). They seem...
  17. Ninikins

    AB clothing?

    Hey everyone! I'm sorry that this is kind of repeated but majority of the places I've checked the sites are down or not enough feedback. My boyfriend and I are looking into hopefully getting some AB clothing, but I can't find enough feedback on some places I've checked (or they're crazy...
  18. Tuples

    Bad experience with Cosy and Dry?

    Anyways I just bought a romper from cosyndry and I quite disappointed with the quality of the product. For 80$ CAD I would have expected the workmanship to be far higher. After only one week of use one of the snaps has already broken. Furthermore, the inside of the romper is not soft cloth, as...
  19. foxkits

    Why is it

    All the baby boy clothing is so drab And the girl clothing is so cute wish they made neat looking baby boy clothing in big sizes . Will have to think on what I would like to have if I could have any thing . Foxkits