1. Dinotopian2002

    Black Friday Clothes Shopping in Abenas

    Hi guys! Hope you're all doing well. Something big happened last week, which was a major personal victory for me. Long story short, I needed to buy some new jeans and trousers, because most of what I have doesn't really fit me well. This is because my incontinence has worsened and the diapers...
  2. F

    Where to find custom clothing/pyjamas?

    Hey, I hope this post is allowed/welcome here. If this is not a space for me, please let me know and I'll delete my post. I have a friend who I found out is a babyfur. They absolutely love snuggling (non-sexual) and have previously asked me to wear some (poorly fitting) extra pyjamas they have...
  3. ronnieM

    Thereabouts Clothing Line Reviews

    A branch off of @KnappFlannel's thread where he announced the launch of this new clothing line, which brings kids' styles to some adult sizes. This thread is less about the discussion, excitement, and philosophical side of the launch, and more about reviewing the products so that others know...
  4. 2Little2Late

    Onesie For Warmth?

    I was curious if anyone wears a onesie under their clothes for extra warmth but without burning up? If I wear Cuddl Duds under my clothes when I work at night, I roast and sweat to death. But yeah, starting to get cold up here and l need to stay nice and warm.
  5. kexta

    Slight public little

    My mommy is taking "baby steps" into the community and she is wanting to help me be little publicly... But at her own level. She is looking for public clothes that can scream little for a little. Like onsies that could be worn in public, pettycoat skirts, diaper covers that could be used as...
  6. SparkleBunny

    Hey, how are you? What are all of you guys doing today?

    Hey, how are you? I took a shower this morning and I'm feeling SO innocent today! I'm still in my pajamas (which I'll change out of soon) and have my pillow pet with me. I'm having rice mac & cheese with some juice for lunch. I'm trying to decide if I want care bears or hello kitty cup for my...
  7. B

    Who wears their Little/AB clothes in public?

    In reading the posts, it seems like some members have an extensive wardrobe of clothes for their smaller selves. I'm wondering how many members wear those clothes in public, where it can be seen (and not necessarily recognized as AB/DL clothing). Myself, I've worn jonjons and longalls to...
  8. KittyninjaW

    Abdl/sissy clothing on a budget

    Hey, me again. I am doing better than I was, anyway I was wondering how do you get Abdl/ sissy clothes affordably because I really want Abdl /sissy clothes when I regress, to seal the deal, and I don't know where to begin, considering the specialty shops on the internets prices, and I really...
  9. W

    Pull-Up Questions

    I would love to wear in public, but I'm paranoid someone will notice. My first pull up was a Tena. I then bought Always Discreet, and then Abena Abriflex. Perhaps I'm just paranoid, but I thought they were all noticeable under my clothes. In a way, the Tenas and the Always seemed less notable...
  10. Sitherus

    Costumes for the not so ab/dl

    I was searching online recently for a set of new clothes for my roleplay environment and came across this Adult Baby Girl Costume - Candy Apple Costumes - Adult Baby Costumes I love this because its not made for us and our shenanigans or the stuff we do here, but made for the average person...
  11. nappiebutt1993

    DL's Whats your favorite garment to wear over your nappies?

    Hey guys just a little fun post here on your favorite over-garments for a stealthy or a noticeable nappy day. Id like to know Your favorite concealment item, whether you wear undies too or not. Your favorite Relaxation item, Same as above well mine is: Jeans for my concealment item. its...
  12. naughtybrat

    AB/TB Clothes UK

    Hi i havent posted on this site in a while ive been busy with other aspects of life and i think i owe it to my AB side to treat myself to some cute new clothes :) Im looking for a nice colourful hoody with ears on the hood, nothing too babyish so i could wear it in public, i havent had much luck...
  13. PaddedPupShadow

    Sims 3 Diaper Mod, Child Through Elder

    UPDATED! I saw on a previous forum thread that people were looking for some diaper clothes for Sims 3. Well I started messing around with "TSR Workshop" and I was able to make some! It took me a long time but I made them. :) Currently I have made only the male version, I will try to finish the...