1. Argent

    Diaper Peference Poll (just for fun of course)

    Hi peeps, Spinning out of the recent excellent thread “Anyone prefer plastic tapes over velcro?” thought it could be fun to create a poll for some base stats on ADISCERS diaper preference. I couldn’t think of a way to capture all the preferences such as number of tapes/tabs or the type of...
  2. JonQuixote

    Cloth diaper washing - white vinegar rinse

    Just wondering how many cloth diaper users add "white vinegar" to their final rinse when washing in automatic washing machines? I've noticed that the diaper is much softer - supposedly just a small amount of white vinegar added to the final rinse will eliminate any soap residue that may...
  3. N

    Trouble with diapers

    Hello all, I'm Neko I have been trying to get into diapers for a while now. At first I was buying disposable diapers, but I never managed to find a reliable disposable diaper as they all tend to leak on me, and I can't buy disposable diapers online for privacy reasons. I ended up ordering some...
  4. Karit

    What Was The Last Diaper You Wore Before Potty Training?

    Was it a disposable or cloth? What was the brand, if you can remember? Did you ever try to wear them again after potty training? As for myself, I've been a DL all my life. I can remember wearing Pampers into the early '70's. My last diaper was a Toddler size Pampers that just came out. Before...
  5. T

    Help with cloth self-diapering please!

    It seems like this should already have been answered, but I can't find an answer here or elsewhere. I bought the Leakmaster night weight prefolds along with some well hefty adult baby pins recommended elsewhere in the forums. While I've been able to get an "adequate" self diapering, I feel like...
  6. jellyjigger

    Comprehensive list on why cloth-like disposables can be inferior

    If you prefer cloth-like disposables, more power to you as you have a vastly greater selection than those preferring plastic-backed disposables. The general attitude in the medical industry is that there are no good reasons for plastic-backing. I prefer plastic-backing primarily due to the...
  7. inconsurferdude

    Switching from plastic-backed to cloth-backed for summer?

    My go-to diaper since I started having to wear them full time this past November has been plastic-backed Attends, which work really well for me. I rarely have leaks, and I use Tena Overnight pads as stuffers every night and sometimes during the day, especially if I'm at home. But lately I've...
  8. S

    Would you recommend cloth or disposable to a beginner?

    I haven't tried diapers so far (at all) - so, if I'd ever get round to it, what would you rather recommend: Disposable or cloth ones? From my subjective point of view, I'm not too keen on trying cloth ones so far, what with washing them and all... So in case I should try any, I'd probably grab...
  9. LazyDreamer

    What Do Cloth Diapers Feel Like?

    I don't know if I can, in good conscience, spend $10 a month or so on diapers when that money could go to something better. I'm considering cloth, but I ADORE how disposables feel. What I love about disposables (especially when they're taped tightly) is how fluffy and sort of solid they are...
  10. Paddedwolf

    cloth diaper review for CTDC diapers

    So last night I got changed into one of my CTDC (changing Times Diaper Company) cloth pre-folds and pul pants. I managed to drink a lot of tea that night so I ended up doing three full wettings in it and I'm a heavy wetter. I found that these diapers were the best thing ever for heavy wetters...
  11. LittleICme

    Please vote: Do you prefer a Cloth backed or Plastic backed adult disposable diaper ?

    Please vote: Do you prefer a cloth backed or plastic backed adult disposable diaper ? (If you only wear cloth diapers/plastic pants, no need to vote) Medium to Super Capacity range cloth backed adult disposable diaper with leak guards and tapes/micro-velcro or Medium to Super Capacity range...
  12. lukethefur

    cloth pocket diapers/stuffers in the UK??

    so I've been digging around this site and it seems i'd really like some of the snap-EZ pocket diapers... but when you're talking $20 shipping, it's like a blow to the face :( does anyone know of any UK-based alternatives for pocket diapers? or even ones that just ship cheaply to the UK. also...
  13. B

    disosable or cloth and plastic pants?

    Hello, so I have an issue. Being a dl isn't one tho. So there are a number of plastic backed disposables in the market, I would like to find one as a night time diaper, but it can't be overly crinkly. Any ideas on a best pick, the cloth backed disposables I find don't snug up as good as tapes...
  14. W

    A diaper to fit my use?

    Hey all so ive been wearing diapers less this year due to depression and money. I love the fun-printed plastic backed disposables, but the thing is alot of the time i just wear them over night or days when im not doing anything but i dont actually USE them. I can make a case last a long time...
  15. Carboi

    Babykins Cloth Diapers and Doublers

    I recently bought a Babykins cloth diaper (the 11500) and I was wondering if anyone had any insight on whether it is necessary to use the doublers they sell in order to get the necessary capacity. Can anyone tell me what kind of volume they can handle out of the box, as it were? And further can...
  16. Sitherus

    afraid to wet new aio

    so i bought a cloth aio diaper. I bought it so that i could sleep in it snugly and hapily but not use it. But when wearing it i just have the urge to use it cause im used to that. I dont wear it during the day because i don't want it getting stained. O don't have a problem at night anymore. So...
  17. xtrabulk

    Cloth and Disposable Fitting Questions

    So I'm an old hand at diapers, but have a question about fitting them. your penis supposed to be in direct contact with the absorbant material? And are there differences between cloth and dispies? Thanks!
  18. xtrabulk

    Bububibi Diaper Hack

    Hi there! Anyway, about a year ago, I bought this: ...not sure if that posted right, but... I have a 37-inch waist, and that thing was waaaaay too bit in the wing department. The wings overlap the velcro, leading to a flimsy diaper. I didn't really like it (loved the soft, soft soakers...
  19. Blacktailthefox

    Tips for wearing cloth diapers?

    I have been considering buying a set of towels and some strong safety pins to use as a makeshift set of cloth diapers so in case I run out of disposables I'll still have something around to wear if I have the desire to, is this a good idea? Any tips for a newbie to going cloth? (I.e. where to...
  20. xtrabulk

    Has Anyone Tried This Math?

    Say, has anyone taken the cost of a quality disposable vs the cost of laundering a couple adult cloth diapers and a pair of pants? I'm not good with numbers, but I am guessing my cloth setup is about .90 a use, while my dispies are about 1.90 a use. Any input? Let's put the debate to rest!