cloth-like disposables

  1. WDDash

    Walmart Parents' Choice Diapers

    So I was at a Walmart today and found this brand and found out with some searching it's a Walmart diaper brand. I heard some good things about it and gave it a try. They apparently sell "bedwetting diapers". I mean most good stuff is about Goodnites, but personally, I find that they aren't...
  2. MarchThackery

    What are the best cloth backed disposables?

    I have slowly been realizing that I prefer cloth-backed disposables to plastic-backed. I think this might be because baby diapers were transitioning to cloth-backed when I was around 4-6, when I was stealing diapers from my sister and trying to buy pull-ups (Which were also cloth backed). My...
  3. BitterGrey

    Diaper preference, and speculations about the future

    Hello, A new analysis of data from the second AB/DL survey is now online: Diaper Preference among AB/DLs The study found that AB/DLs tended to prefer the type of diaper that was most prevalent during their early childhood, on average. Since the dominant type of diaper doesn't change often...